Finca Leola Costa Rica Reforestation

We built a house using first thinnings of teak grown near our first plantation. The posts and ceiling beams below are teak; the ceiling itself is laurel (Cordia alliodora), a tropical hardwood that's not as heavy as some, so it's very good for paneling ceilings and walls.

tropical hardwood costa rica teak post
tropical hardwood costa rica construction

We used a portable swingblade sawmill to ecologically harvest a fallen ojoche tree on one of our farms. The saw goes right to the log, so no damage to the terrain results. Here is the story in pictures.

Prep Chain Saw Rolling log moving log
Prep with chain saw Rolling the log section Positioning the section
Rails Sawmill portable swingblade sawmill in position
Rails in position Moving mill onto rails Sawmill in postion
large diameter ojoche cutting 2 x 6 beams moving portable sawmill
Large diameter ojoche Cutting 2 x 6 beams Moving the saw
portable mill portable sawmill ojoche beams
Early cuts Later cuts Ojoche beams
ojoche colors, grain Woodcutters day's end  
Ojoche colors, grain End of a long afternoon  


Below left, the lumber stacked to dry is laurel, and so is the board.

Cordia alliodora (laurel) tropical hardwood stacked to dry in Costa Rica
laurel (Cordia alliodora) board, tropical hardwood Costa Rica

Left to right, mahogany, yema de huevo*, and laurel drying together make an attractive color combination.

corteza log tropical hardwood costa rica
corteza log diameter
This big log is Tabebuia guayacan(corteza, of the ipe group), a very strong tropical hardwood often used for decks.
Tropical hardwood cabinet doors in progress
tropical hardwood cabinetry made in Costa Rica
tropical hardwood cabinet doors in Costa Rica


tropical hardwood costa rica yema de huevo cutting board This tropical hardwood is *Chimarrhis parviflora, called yema de huevo (egg yolk) in Costa Rica. That is its natural color.

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