Finca Leola Costa Rica Reforestation

In the Finca Leola tree nursery, we grow trees both from seeds that we buy and from seedlings and seeds that we collect from the forest.

This group of photos shows how we collect seedlings and seeds from the edge of the rainforest.

putting wild seedlings in bagsfilling bags wild seedlingscollecting seedlings Costa Rica

found wild seedlings Costa Ricacollected wild seedlings  at forest edgebagged wild seedlings

After the bagged seedlings stabilize under the trees in their natural habitat, we use horses to carry them up the hill to the nursery.

aparejo orcarrier  rack for horsecarrier on horse backleading horsescarrying on horsebackhorse loaded with seedlingsrack on horse

Here are some exterior and interior photos of the tree nursery, or vivero.

Costa Rica style tree nurseryCosta Rican tree nurseryprepare soil for nurserypotting shedCosta Rica starting treesnursery tools Costa Ricabags filled with soilinside viveroinside tree nursery Costa RicaCosta Rican tree nursery interiorSpanish cedar seed bagsweeding seedlings in bagscedro odorato seedssprouting seedswild natives in nursery Costa Ricawildings in tree nurserywildlings in Costa Rica

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