Finca Leola Costa Rica Reforestation

The pristine beach at Hacienda Barú (See more gorgeous beach shots at Costa Rica Scenery 2.)

sunset Hacienda Barú beach Costa RicaHacienda Barú beach Costa Rica

From left to right: metal church in Grecia, steps to La Fortuna falls, La Fortuna waterfall, typical plaza

Grecia, Costa Rica metal church buildingstone steps to La Fortuna Falls, Costa Ricawaterfall in La Fortuna, Costa Rica in tropical hardwood rainforestplaza in Costa Rica

Finca Leola is near Arenal Volcano, a very popular tourist destination. It is constantly letting off steam, so it never builds up tremendous pressure.

la fortuna costa ricaarenal volcano costa ricaarenal volcano costa ricaVolcán Arenal, Costa RicaVolcán Arenal at dawn, Costa Rica

arenal volcano costa ricaarenal volcano costa ricaarenal volcano costa ricaarenal volcano costa ricaarenal volcano costa rica

Venado Caverns

Venado Caverns, Costa RicaVenado Caverns, a Costa Rica caveriver flowing out of Venado Caverns, Costa RicaVenado Caverns; Rio Muerte at mouth of Costa Rica cavern

The town of Zarcero, with its famous topiaries

church in Zarcero, Costa Ricaoverlooking park in Zarcero, Costa RicaZarcero, Costa Ricaparque central, Zarcero, Costa RicaZarcero, Costa Rica

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